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Welcome to Friday Harbor Drug

Opened by Dr. George Wright and pharmacist Leon Little in late 1890's, Friday Harbor Drug has been the only pharmacy on San Juan Island for over 110 years. Originally, operated out of the neighboring building, the pharmacy moved to its current location in 1912. Now utilizing the combined space of both building's, Friday Harbor Drug continues to provide not only medications, but many other products that island residents and visitors need to enjoy.

Today, we maintain a wide inventory of home medical supplies and equipment, a full compliment of over-the-counter drug, sundry items, cosmetics, school supplies, Hallmark cards, gifts and more.

Please come in and meet our professional pharmacist's and staff who are happy to assist with medications questions and help you find whatever you're looking for.

Meet Your Pharmacist

Josh Matlock, PharmD.

Josh comes from a humble growing city called Mustang in the state of Oklahoma. At a young age, he learned the value of hard work while doing several jobs. Whether as a night houseman where he cleaned and maintained a hotel, as a construction worker – lifting heavy materials, or as a heating/air conditioning repairmen – crawling around the sweltering hot or arctic cold attics, Josh took great pride in finishing the job well. His passion and interest in fixing problems and providing excellent customer service naturally led him to pharmacy, where he can fully exercise his ability to improve the quality of life for patients.

Because of his hard work ethics and studious mindset, Josh obtained his doctorate in pharmacy in June 2017. After working over half a year at a chain retail pharmacy, Josh noticed the lack of customer service and medical attention his patients were receiving from the company. Thus, he researched and discovered a great opportunity to practice high-quality pharmaceutical care at an independent, non-chain pharmacy called Friday Harbor Drug. Here, he fell in love with the tranquil culture and nautical beauty of the island. If you ever catch Josh on a day off, you’ll probably find him helping someone in need or enjoying his favorite fried foods while listening to the ocean.

p: 360-378-4421

f: 360-378-6140